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  Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, being told by doctors that it's all in your head or simply want to embrace a more intuitive and sustainable way of addressing your health?  Whether you want to get well, have more energy and vitality, get fitter, detox or even fit back into your favourite clothes you have come to the right place!

Here you will find information on Natural Medicine generally, the types of conditions that can be treated with naturopathic strategies (herbs & nutrition) and what to expect from a consultation with a thorough, caring and qualified Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist.

 Your initial consultation is comprehensive (what is referred to as 'holistic' health care). Using a combination of medical based assessment methods and an understanding of the impact of psychological and emotional stress on the body, I endeavour to find and address the cause of your health problems and in doing so focus on the Body, Mind and of the course, the Spirit.


One of the philosophies of Western Herbalism is the concept that symptoms do not appear in isolation and so it is futile in simply treating them as such. There is usually a complex web of changes in the body and in turn, effects on the person. Ultimately, illness is a diminution of the 'life force' or 'spirit' which is the basis of the name 'vital spirit'. The end goal of treatment is always to rejuvenate the spirit.

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