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19/12/2013 17:01

Good News For Candida Sufferers

Gymnema and Candida A Kansas State University microbiologist has had a breakthrough in the herbal treatment for the common human fungal pathogen called Candida albicans that lives in almost 80 percent of people as a commensal (harmless) microorganism but can grow out of control in the immune...


19/12/2013 17:01

More research for Omega-3s

 Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Brain Health Further evidence that omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for the health of the brain with a Swedish study published in the Journal Of Internal Medicine demonstrating that supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids does indeed cross the blood brain barrier to...


19/12/2013 16:50

What are you grateful for this Christmas?

Unlike Americans we don't have a specific time of year to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives but Christmas often becomes the time to do this. Many of you will be familiar with the Law Of Attraction philosophy, the crux of which is that you attract into your life what you think and feel...


08/07/2013 16:36

Are You Sweet Enough

One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients is what can I eat to sweeten my food instead of sugar? This gives you some indication of just how addictive sugar is. The thought of going on a sugar free diet is just too much to bear.  The blame can be placed squarely on the food...


15/06/2013 12:40

Bring On The Garlic Breath

Garlic! The food we love to avoid for it's odor producing properties but of all the times of the year now is the time to consume it. Not the bland, white odorless varieties shipped in from overseas either but the pungent, locally grown varieties for their sulfur containing compounds...


12/06/2013 16:42

Why Buy Practitioner Only Products (POPs)?

Practitioner Only Products (POPs) are literally products that can only be prescribed by practitioners of the naturopathic modalities such as Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Herbalists. The reason they are restricted to these professions is because they are products which contain ingredients in...


06/05/2013 12:07

Can You Pass The Acid Test? How Does pH Affect Your Health?

The pH is a scale of 1-14 used in chemistry to measure how acidic or alkaline something is. It is logarithmic which simply means that with each number on the scale the intensity multiplies by 10. For example something with a pH of 3 is ten times more acidic than something with a pH of 4. But what...


09/04/2013 16:26

The Immune System: A Double Edged Sword

Someone asked me to comment on theories around the rise of childhood allergies. The immune system is extremely complex consisting of an array of different types of white blood cells such as natural killer cells, neutrophils, macrophages, B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes. The T lymphocytes can be...


01/03/2013 15:50

Now We're Cooking With....Oils

What oil are you cooking with at home? The most common answer I hear is olive oil but is olive oil all it's cracked up to be and is it the best oil to cook with. The answer is yes and no. The suitability of oils for frying has much to do with the way we nutritionists classify fats and oils; as...


21/02/2013 18:52


"I started seeing Liz last year for post natal depression, chronic fatigue and digestion after my 2nd child, I knew that medications were not the answer and something within my body required urgent attention. I had a great diet so Liz helped with balancing and restoring my organs and...